ePub The Reviewer's Guide to Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences books

The Reviewer's Guide to Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
TitleThe Reviewer's Guide to Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
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ISBN review0203861558
ISBN13 review9780203861554'
Total page449 pages
WriterGregory R. Hancock, Ralph Mueller

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The Reviewer's Guide to Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences Books Description

Gregory R. Hancock, Ralph Mueller - The Reviewer's Guide to Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences is designed for evaluators of research manuscripts and proposals in the social and behavioral sciences, and beyond. Its 31 uniquely structured chapters cover both traditional and emerging methods of quantitative data analysis, which neither junior nor veteran reviewers can be expected to know in detail. The book updates readers on each technique's key principles, appropriate usage, underlying assumptions, and limitations. It thereby assists reviewers to offer constructive commentary on works they evaluate, and also serves as an indispensable author's reference for preparing sound research manuscripts and proposals. Key features include: Comprehensive Coverage-Thirty-one chapters cover virtually all of the popular classic and emerging quantitative techniques, thus helping reviewers to evaluate a manuscript's methodological approach and it's data analysis. In addition, the volume serves as an indispensable reference tool for those designing their own research.Unique Chapter Format-For ease of use, all chapters follow the same structure.The opening page of each chapter defines and explains the purpose of that statistical method.The next one or two pages provide a table listing various criteria that should be considered when evaluating and applying that methodological approach to data analysis.The remainder of each chapter contains numbered sections corresponding to the numbered criteria listed in the opening table. Each section explains the role and importance of that particular criterion.Expert Chapter Authors-Chapters are written by methodological and applied scholars who are expert in the particular quantitative method being reviewed.

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