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Nothing But Time (A Family of Worth, Book One)
TitleNothing But Time (A Family of Worth, Book One)
Rating (Rating: 2 - 24 votes)
ISBN review0997177780
ISBN13 review9780997177787'
Total page186 pages
WriterSherry Ewing

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Nothing But Time (A Family of Worth, Book One) Books Description

Sherry Ewing - They will risk everything for their forbidden love…

When Lady Gwendolyn Marie Worthington is forced to marry a man old enough to be her father, she concludes love will never enter her life. Her husband is a cruel man who blames her for his own failings. Then she meets her brother’s attractive business associate, and all those longings she had thought gone forever suddenly reappear.

A long-term romance holds no appeal for Neville Quinn, Earl of Drayton until an unexpected encounter with the sister of the Duke of Hartford. Still, he resists giving his heart to another woman, especially one who belongs to another man.

Chance encounters lead to intimate dinners, until Neville and Gwendolyn flee to Berwyck Castle at Scotland’s border hoping beyond reason their fragile love will survive the vindictive reach of Gwendolyn’s possessive husband. Before their journey is over, Gwendolyn will risk losing the only love she has ever known.

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